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7 maj 16:00 - 18:00Open Café

Join us for an inspiring evening at Openlab

We are kicking off the EU funded project Frontrunners for Sustainable Innovation with a 'Share, Mingle & Inspire' event on making use of open data for accelerating sustainable innovation in urban transportation.

Open data, digital information that is free to access and distribute, is a big source of knowledge which creates new possibilities to solve the societal challenges connected to a growing city. Initiatives to make data from public organisations available is carried out on a national, regional and local level. We invite you to an event to explore the subject of Open Data from different angles and hear the perspectives of companies, researchers and the public sector.

Frontrunners for Sustainable Innovation is a project focusing on finding ways to support small to medium sized companies in the Stockholm region to build and grow their business through developing sustainable products and services in close collaboration with the public sector and academia, serving the greater good of society. The project is co-funded by the European regional development fund and coordinated in collaboration between Openlab, Kista Science City and Södertälje Science Park. 

Join us and listen to inspiring stories from some of our first Frontrunner companies. Learn about how the City of Stockholm is working with Open Data through the project Öppna data I Storstockholm and how KTH researchers work with Open Data.

Presentation format - ‘Five by five’

Every presenter will get five minutes and five slides to share their story. As we are many that will attend to hear your thoughts we have a limited number of presentations per meet-up. The presentations are followed by a lottery for questions, snacks and drinks and mingle!

Welcome to attend this ‘Share Mingle & Inspire’ and be part of the movement. You will get surprised how many people will support and share their experience with you and how it will profit your own goals.

See you there!

If you want to be one of the presenters and share your story on the theme "Open Data", Please send an email to

Picture by Samuel Zeller.


Ivar Björkman
Director Openlab

Dr. in transdisciplinary Art & Design management. Stockholm University.  Since 2013 Executive Director of Openlab. Previous assignments: Between 2003-2012 President of  University college of Arts, Craft & Design in Sweden (Konstfack).  Founder of several Swedish design companies and has through out his career been working with how to connect disciplines through creative methods to create innovation. Dr. Björkman has several international expert assignments evaluating design education and research within universities.

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Petra Dalunde
COO Urban ICT Arena

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Robert Kingfors
CEO at Södertälje Science Park

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Beatrice Sablone
Digitalisation Strategist Storsthlm

Stockholm Region & Open Data

Digital Strategist at Storsthlm, Member of program management for “Smart City City Stockholm”, And project manager for “Open data in Stockholm region project”.

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Jonas Anund Vogel
KTH Live-In Lab

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Mattias Rost
Digital Strategist Iteam

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Johan Schuber
Project manager Frontrunners for Sustainable Innovation

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The event is held at Open Café on Valhallavägen 79 in Stockholm. 

 Tekniska Högskolan    Östra station


The event is part of a thematic day on Open Data organised by Openlab in collaboration with StorSthlm and as part of the project Frontrunners for Sustainable Innovation. For more information about the rest of the programme, please contact or

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